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Anime Review: Sabagebu! Sabagebu! Is a manga series written and illustrated by Hidekichi Matsumoto and serialized in Kodansha Nakayoshi Magazine which, was later adapted into a 12 episode anime series and 3 OVA’s by...


Comic Review: Howard the Duck #1

Howard the Duck #1 The story begins with Howard being released from the women’s cell, along with another inmate named Tara. Returning back to his private eye office, Howard accepts the job of recovering...


Keeping it CeeZee HOP HUNTER IPA review

C.A.G.E addicts presents: “Keeping it CeeZee.” A video review segment about all things C.A.G.E. hosted by yours truly, CeeZee. Today we will review SIERRA NEVADA Hop Hunter IPA, brewed with “steamed distilled hop oil”....